4 Ways to Change Your Hairstyle

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There comes a time when one may think it’s time to switch up their hairstyle. Years have passed, and you realize that you are stuck in a hair rut. Now is the time to make a change. Changes to your hairstyle can be temporary and fun or drastic and permanent. They can be for a girl’s night out or for the long haul. If you’re ready to update your hairstyle, here are four ways guaranteed to liven it up.

Chop It Off
The quickest way to change a hairstyle is to update your cut. There is a multitude of options when deciding on how to change your haircut. Before deciding on a cut, browse options to learn which cuts would best suit the shape of your face. From there, it’s time to decide how much of a change you’d like to make. The subtlest option is to add layers. With layers, you can change your hair while retaining your length. The next step would be adding bangs – side-swept, curtain, blunt. There are all types of possibilities. For the most drastic change, chop it all off. Consider a pixie cut. Remember, hair always grows back.

Color Switch
Color changes may bring temporary or permanent transformations to your hair. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a redhead or a blonde. Maybe a milder solution would be better fitting for you. Balayage and ombre are alternatives to coloring all of your hair. The coloring techniques are similar, but the primary difference can be found at the ends. Balayage incorporates darker colors at the bottom while ombre continues to brighten the strands. For a funkier twist on hair color, try adding colorful streaks.

Embrace Extensions
Experimenting with the length of your hair doesn’t have to equate to going shorter. Adding length to your tresses can breathe new life into your hairstyles. Extensions come in a host of different types – weaves, clip-ins, and bonding. None of these techniques are permanent and, of the three, clip-ins are a method you can try on your own. With a set of clip-in extensions, a comb, and a mirror, you can preview how you would look with any length of hair. Additionally, these techniques could be used to test out new colors before making changes to your own hair.

Accessorize Away
Cutting, coloring, and extensions all require a time commitment and, in most cases, a professional. What if you would just like to change your hairstyle for the moment? That is where accessories come into the picture. Choose exciting headbands and intriguing hair jewelry to add to your hairstyles. These accessories work exceptionally well with braided ‘dos, but also add flair to buns and ponytails. Get festival-ready with a flower crown or upscale with golden chains.

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