How to Select the Perfect Basketball Net For Your Home Court

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Finding the perfect net for your home basketball court can be a bit of a daunting task. There are plenty of ways that you can select one, however. The quality of the net is key along with the aesthetic value that it brings to your home court. There are quite a few pros and cons when it comes down to finding just the perfect net, but once you do, you will be very satisfied with the way it looks on your home court. Keep in mind that most nets are very easy to put onto your basketball hoop once you find the right one.

The Pros

When it comes to buying the right net for your hoop, you have a lot to consider. If you play basketball very often, you will need to make sure that you have a net that is heavy duty along with long lasting. Some of the brands on the market today have lasted up to ten years before having to be replaced! This is the type of quality you need. One of the pros to having a nylon net is that most of them are also weather resistant which helps to keep them around much longer. These nylon nets are also very easy to install and can be used with any type of basketball hoop.

Another exciting feature that some of the new nets have is that they light up or glow in the dark. This is a great idea for you if you tend to play basketball at night. These types of nets will use the sun’s energy to get charged up for a day or two. Then you will be able to see just how bright they can get when you’re playing at night! This will also help you save the lights on your patio.

The Cons

Picking the perfect net for your home court can also have its disadvantages. When you choose one of the light up or glow in the dark nets, you will see that they are more expensive than your average nylon net. A lot of players who have ordered them also do not think that they last as long as the regular nylon nets. When you select a chain net for your home court, you will have a lot of noise coming from it when you land a shot. This can be a disadvantage if you live very close to your neighbors.

When you buy a chain net, you also may face a problem with the hooks coming undone from the hoop itself. The key is to try and find the chain net with the best reviews and ask around for any tips on how to keep it better in place.

Be very picky when you are selecting the perfect net for your home court. Keep in mind all of the options you are looking for and read all of the reviews for the one you like the best. Once you have it in place, it will be time to play some serious games of basketball with your friends and family.

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