5 Tips For Keeping Laser Scanning Equipment In Check

Laser scanning equipment is a valuable resource in construction, land surveying and lab procedures. However, using laser technology comes with risks. Laser hazards and equipment issues can impede progress or cause injury. Here are 5 tips for keeping laser scanning equipment in check and maintained:

1. Conform to OSHA Standards If Applicable
The most important step to keeping lasers in check is to handle them safely. The Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration maintains a technical manual on laser scanning equipment. This details the hazards of laser use, the regulations and safe settings for lasers, and safety measures necessary to prevent injury or damage.

2.Alignment and Calibration
Misaligned lasers can cause the machine to malfunction, and lead to greater problems with performance. Using a repair service or performing alignment in-house can improve the efficiency of the machine. Calibrating internal parts is also key to smooth operation. Parts that aren’t calibrated will, once again, produce faulty results and decrease the work quality of the equipment.

3.Regularly Clean the Equipment
Dirt and grime can accumulate on scanning mirrors over time. Regularly wiping down laser scanning equipment between periods of use can prevent this grime from becoming an issue. Leaving mirrors uncleaned for too long can cause this dust to accumulate internally, which can eventually lead to further issues within the machine itself.

4.Temperature Control
Laser scanning equipment can suffer from extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures. Each piece of equipment has different maximums and minimums, usually included with instruction manuals such as this one. For most machines and job settings, it is unlikely that dangerous temperatures could be reached in operation. However, storage is another matter entirely. Reviewing the minimum and maximum safe temperature for out of operation storage is vital in getting the most out of laser scanning equipment.

5. Consider Upgrades to Equipment When Necessary
Following guidelines to the letter will not prevent the wear and tear of continued use from becoming insurmountable. At some point, it may be the prudent choice to upgrade equipment or purchase a new version of the model currently being used. Professional repairs or in-house repairs could be an option, but some problems would be more easily overcome by simply purchase a new model.

Laser scanning equipment is an essential part of many different operations. For procedures to run smoothly, it must be maintained as best as possible. Consider further research for specific models, as their specifications may vary from presented information.