6 Tips for Finding a Formal Dress In Advance

Whether it is an upcoming wedding, prom, sweet 16, anniversary, or other shindig that requires a formal dress, do not wait until the last minute to make the purchase. Waiting until the last minute may also mean that you’re settling for a dress from the ‘what’s left’ section at the local boutique store, adding frustration and stress to a day you simply want to go over without a hitch. Finding a formal dress in advance reduces worry while ensuring you look your best – in the dress of your choosing – at your event. The six tips below help you find the perfect formal dress in advance.


1. Search Online


Oh, how the Internet makes things so simple, especially shopping for formal wear! When you need a formal dress, searching online is sure to yield the best results. Your online search for the perfect formal dress can begin well in advance, ensuring you have your pick of dress choices. Many websites sell formal dresses, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at your local formal wear provider, with shipping to your home.


  1. Ask Around

Our friends and family are always there when we need them, even in times of formal dress need. Asking friends, school mates, co-workers, and even associates on social media may help you get a formal dress at a discounted rate. Why spend a ton of cash on a dress you’ll wear only once when these helpful sources help you get an amazing wardrobe at little or no cost?


3. Rent a Dress


Another option for ladies who don’t want to spend a ton of money for a dress they’ll wear one time is dress rental. Many companies offer a clothing rental service, including many offering a formal dress rental service. You’ll find an assortment of great formal dresses that you can rent for the evening at an amazing price!


4. Contact the Manufacturer


If you want a specific dress from a specific brand, contacting the manufacturer directly is the best way to get that dress in your hands. Although you might spend a bit more, it is reassuring to know you have the option to get the exact dress your heart desires.


5. Shop at Consignment Stores


Consignment stores oftentimes have a great formal wear section with new and used choices at great prices. If you want an awesome dress with an equally great price tag, consider shopping at a consignment store near you. As a bonus, they sell formal wear year-round.


6. Post an Ad


Sites like Craigslist and Freecycle help you find most anything that you want. Posting an ad to either of these pages, or others similar, can help you get a great dress well ahead of the requested date and time.