How to Make Your Car Decal Stand Out From the Rest

Decals, wraps and other promotional materials that can turn fleet vehicles into mobile billboards can provide business owners with a valuable marketing opportunity. With a few helpful tips and a better understanding of which marketing techniques will produce the best results, business owners can more effectively incorporate their fleet vehicles into their overall marketing strategy. From selecting a more streamlined graphic or decal to ensuring that vehicles are able to look as professional as possible, knowing which wraps and decals are able to better stand out from the crowd is not a concern that should be taken lightly.

Keep Graphic Design Simple

While more intricate designs and graphics may be used in order to convey greater quantities of information, prospective customers and future clients may have only a split second to glimpse a wrap or notice a decal. Prioritizing streamlined and simplified graphic designs can ensure that business owners are able to get their message across with greater ease. Basic designs can be especially valuable when it comes to vehicles that may lack other markings or distinguishing characteristics. Decals that are limited to only a company’s logo or contact information can often be of greater potential benefit than more ambitious designs.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Color is important and marketing materials that showcase the wrong scheme are far more likely to blend into the background or go unnoticed. While bright primary colors seem like the ideal choice for ensuring enhanced visibility, the contrast between two colors is often more important. Choosing designs that fail to pop or utilizing wraps and decals that showcase a color scheme that is flat and uninteresting can limit the overall usefulness and effectiveness of a decal. Signage and designs that easily catch the eye and those that are colorful enough to stand out and be remembered would be worth seeking out.

Investing in Quality Decals, Wraps and Signage

Like any marketing materials, quality and professionalism can count for a great deal. Materials that have been hastily applied and marketing materials that leave fleet vehicles looking second rate, shabby or less than professional could end up leaving customers with the wrong impression of a business or company. When it comes to utilizing fleet vehicles in order to better market or promote a business, maintaining a more professional image is never a consideration that should be compromised or overlooked.

Future Trends in Vehicle-Based Marketing

With new technology and resources becomming available, new opportunities for vehicle-based advertising may be found. From sotware applications aimed at optimizing fleet vehicle operations and performance to fully-autonomous cars and trucks, there are plenty of emerging technologies and marketing trends that businesses would do well to keep an eye on.